The Company was established in the early 60's as a finance company and Sirdar Aly Aziz joined and became Chairman in 1964.

After joining Sirdar Aly Aziz expanded the operation and introduced the first package deal concept in Britain by implementing and commissioning agro industrial projects on a turnkey basis together with medium to long term credit facilities supported by the British government and arranged commercial loans where neccessary.

Over the years under his leadership Dashwood has completed many large projects in both public and private sectors in many parts of the world.

In the late '60s Dashwood pioneered the production of anhydrous ethanol from various crops such as sugar cane, corn and wheat.

Dashwood fisheries division have surveyed fishery resources worldwide, supplied Tuna fleets, designed and built GRP trawlers at its own shipyard in Hong Kong, supplied fishery protection aircraft, built cold stores and processing plants, undertaken training, management and marketing.

Sirdar Aly Aziz is descended from a prominent Indian family. He has studied Economics, Political Science and International affairs. He is a member of several institutions including the World Economic Forum. He is a patron of several museums and has interest in domestic and international affairs.